Electric Eyelash Curler


  • Natural Curling

    Professionally designed 3D curved brush head, with which you can adjust the curvature of the brush head to make it fit the eyelashes better and create natural curling eyelashes. A longer brush head can increase the area of the hot roll. What's more, it can last about 24 hours if you use this eyelash curler together with mascara.

  • Quickly Heat-up in 8 Seconds 

    The heating element adopts nickel-chromium alloy with high thermal conductivity. The eyelash curler can heat up to the desired temperature in 8 seconds and form in 15 seconds, greatly saving your time. Note: If the weather is too cold, please allow it more time to get pre-heated.

  • Over-temperature Protection 

    The strip-shaped heat-insulating protective groove design prevents your eyelashes and eyelids from scalding. Also, the thermostatic control can ensure the curler effect and avoid scald eyelashes at the same time.

  • Larger Heat Release 

    Multi-gear design can meet the needs of customers in different regions. Low-temperature 55±10℃; High-temperature: 75±10℃. Its large heat release promises gorgeous curls in a short time.

  • Automatic Shutdown

    This cute eyelash curler can last 125 minutes for 1-2 hours of charging. Automatic shutdown in 3 minutes to avoid power consumption if no operation.